Each WebSpace has three URLs by default.   Your Royal Roads academic account username, (which is usually your first initial and your last name, but may contain a number in front of your last name Example: jsmith or j1smith), and email address are associated with your WebSpace. 

Public view - https://webspace.royalroads.ca/jsmith/

Builtin RRS feed of blog posts - https://webspace.royalroads.ca/jsmith/feed/

Login page - https://webspace.royalroads.ca/jsmith/wp-login.php

Enter the login page URL, substituting your username for jsmith of course, into your favorite browser.

Login using your Royal Roads academic account username and password that you use for Moodle.

Although managed by Royal Roads, the WebSpace service is hosted by a FIPPA compliant Canadian web hosting company so we can take advantage of the top tier data centers and high infrastructure reliability.  When you login to your hosted WebSpace, Royal Roads servers sync your name and email address.  The first time you login, you will be asked to consent to this data sync.  If you select the “Clear prior granting of permission for release of your information to this service” when you login successive times, you would be again asked for consent for the data sync otherwise you are only asked the first time you login.

Once you click ACCEPT, your logged in!  Now it is time to get to know the WordPress dashboard so you can start customizing your site and creating content.

Up next:  Navigating the Dashboard