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Email Accounts

Associate Faculty receive an RRU email with the creation of a CAMP account. They keep the email until their CAMP account is terminated, i.e. when all programs they have a relationship with are clear that they will not be issuing further contracts to this person for the foreseeable future. 

Email Policy

RRU’s Network Access and Email Policy was implemented in 2019 to support the integrity and security of the University’s information and IT systems and to comply with BC privacy legislation and regulatory requirements. The university’s email system is a significant repository of business records for the university, which requires appropriate governance measures.


The Email Policy requires that faculty, staff, and associate faculty use their RRU email for all RRU-related business. 

For Associate Faculty this means that they must use their RRU email for all business for which they have been contracted, e.g. for teaching and supervision.

A key purpose of the Email Policy is to keep RRU-related business on RRU-secured servers. Note that as long as one of the parties in the correspondence is using an RRU email, that correspondence will be captured on RRU servers. Therefore, correspondence between faculty or staff, who naturally use their RRU email, and Associate Faculty members will be captured. This allows some leeway for correspondence between faculty or staff and Associate Faculty members. 

Following are key guidelines:


  • Are free to opt to use their RRU or personal email.
  • They are allowed to auto-forward their RRU email to their personal email accounts.
  • Staff, faculty, and Associate Faculty members must reply to students from their RRU email account, using the email of choice for that student. First contact should be made using a student’s RRU email.

Associate Faculty:

  • May use their personal email when corresponding with RRU staff and faculty
  • Must use their RRU email when corresponding with students
  • Must use their RRU email when corresponding with parties external to RRU, including other Associate Faculty members, on matters that are substantively part of their RRU contract
  • Staff and core faculty can reply to Associate Faculty using the email of choice for that Associate Faculty member

Best practice procedures

  1. An Associate Faculty member’s personal email should be used for the Contractor Information Form and should be reflected in Agresso and the Associate Faculty Contract (AFC) Database.

  2. New Associate Faculty member

    Correspond using an Associate Faculty member’s personal email to set up the contract.

    When a new Associate Faculty member receives their RRU account, they are notified of their username and temporary password. As the account supervisor, you will be copied on that message. Please advise them of their new email address and point them to guidelines for email use on the Associate Faculty Resources site.

    Continue corresponding with a new Associate Faculty member using their RRU email to encourage their use of it with you.

  3. Current Associate Faculty member

    Use the Associate Faculty member’s email of preference to set up the contract; however, consider initiating communication using their RRU email to encourage their use of that email.

    At the start of each contract, remind the Associate Faculty member of the guidelines for email use on the Associate Faculty Resources site.

  4. Non-Compliance

    Should an Associate Faculty member not be in compliance with the policy, e.g. they are corresponding with students using their personal email, please alert them to that fact and request immediate compliance. 

    What to communicate: Let them know that we have established this Email Policy to be in compliance BC privacy legislation. By not being in compliance, they are contravening BC privacy legislation.

    Should they continue to be non-compliant, please contact the manager of Faculty Affairs at for assistance.

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