Why is your gmail blocked?  Why we cannot unblock it... 

Gmail has many servers used to send email. You cannot control which Gmail server your account uses to send email. 

If someone uses one of those servers to send spam, possibly through a compromised account,  the server gets blacklisted. The blacklist usually only lasts for 24 to 48 hours, but might last longer depending on the severity and frequency in which the server is used to send SPAM.

RRU (and other institutions/corporations) subscribes to a service that tells us which servers are blacklisted. When a server is on that list, we automatically block email from that server.

We cannot help because individual institutions/corporations cannot un-blacklist the server or even request that it be un-blacklisted; only the administrator of the Gmail server can make that request to the blacklist service provider.

If your gmail is blocked, it may be easier to wait a bit and then try again.  It is possible that the server has been un-blacklisted or that your email will be routed through a different server this time, and as long as that server is not also blacklisted, your message will go through. You can also try logging off your computer (or rebooting) to clear your cache and then try again.  You could consider using a different email address to send from such as your Royal Roads email account - by going to http://webmail.royalroads.ca/ and logging on using your usual username (the one you use when logging into Moodle) and password.

You could also contact Gmail support to make sure they are aware of the issue, which will trigger them to ask the blacklist service provider to un-blacklist the server.  This may take some time, though.

We hope this information helps you understand why your gmail is blocked and why RRU cannot do anything to change that.


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