What is My Media?

My Media is a feature in Royal Roads’ Moodle that allows you to create, edit, and share video and audio files directly in your Moodle platform. From your My Media page, you can create screencasts, narrated presentations, audio recordings, and videos of yourself from your webcam. You can also add questions to your video to create a video quiz. 

The advantages of My Media include:

  • With My Media, media is stored in users' personal libraries, which means that users only have to upload it once, even if they want to share it on multiple course sites. 
  • With My Media, instructors can upload and share video, audio, and other media directly to Moodle without the need for an external video-hosting service (e.g. YouTube). This will avoid students having to navigate away from the course page and will also avoid YouTube advertisements appearing on your videos. 

Want to learn more about My Media? Check out our how-to guides (below) or contact CTET Studio

My Media how-to guides

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