In order to use CRM, you must have a CRM account.  If you don't have one, please request one by going to the Computer Services website and submitting a ticket.  CRM is used mainly by International and Marketing.  If you are not one of these groups, please first discuss the need for CRM with your manager.

If you have a CRM account, you need to be authorized to install CRM before you can do so using this method.  From this point forward, we'll assume you have a CRM account and that you've been authorized to install from the Software Center.

You may install the software yourself by following these steps:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Click Start
  3. Find "Software Center" in the list of tiles showing (probably under "RRU Applications" as seen in the picture below:

  4. If you don't see "Software Center" showing there, you can also click on the magnifying glass and type "Software Center" in the space provided.  Software Center should be found and displayed at the top of the screen in the search results as shown in this screen shot:

  5. Click to open Software Center 
  6. Double-Click on CRM Install
  7. Click Install

    Let it run.  Outlook must remain closed until it is finished.  Installation can take up to 30 minutes (usually about 15 minutes)

    Once it is complete, the computer will restart.


  1. Log in and open Outlook
  2. The Configuration Wizard will open. Fill it out like this
  3. (server URL is
  4. Hit OK when you are done
  5. Close Outlook and restart the computer.

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