Please only follow this procedure if instructed by the IT helpdesk.  Some configuration is required behind the scenes before you can install the software.  Please contact the IT Helpdesk if you need CRM installed. 



Windows 10:

After you contact the Helpdesk, your computer will be put into a group that will allow you to install CRM. After they make that change, it will take a couple hours for all the systems to update and for your computer to get the message that it has access to the install files. 

Open the Software Center in the Start Menu and select "CRM Install - changes Office365" and install it.

After the installation is complete, the computer will restart. Log in and when you open Outlook, it should show the CRM Configuration Wizard:

Fill it in as shown above (server URL is
Hit Test Connection, and wait for that to finish, then hit OK.
Then restart the computer again. Log in and open Outlook.

Windows 7

  • Use Internet Explorer to follow this links and then close Outlook and any messages:
  • You will see this screen:
  • Make sure that CRM2011 is highlighted and then click INSTALL
    (If you do not see the software please try again in a few hours.  It can sometimes take up to 24 hours for the software to appear)
  • Click YES to start this installation.
  • It will then start the installation and give you a message about “you will be notified when the application installation finishes”.  It lies.
  • After a few minutes (there is a lot of temporary files it has to copy to your computer before it can start) you will see this:
  • Once this window is gone, CRM is installed.


  • In the Start Menu look for the Configuration Wizard (it might be in All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011)
  • Open this and fill it out like this
  • (server URL is
  • Hit OK when you are done

Now, open Outlook.
Close Outlook and restart the computer.