Disabled for students by default

By default access to this services is disabled for students.  Please Contact Computer Services to activate this service.

Basic info you need to know:

  • Outlook Anywhere or Exchange is the only options now supported
  • Your email address is [firstname].[Lastname]@royalroads.ca
    (if your Academic Account username has a number in it, then your the number goes in front of your last name)
  • The RRU incoming server is mail.royalroads.ca
  • Outgoing server is your local ISP (check what you have for your personal account)
  • You are probably using a Cable or ASDL connection
  • Username is your Academic Account username from RRU
  • Password is your Academic Account password for RRU

Detailed instructions for using a local e-mail program to download (Outlook Anywhere or POP or IMAP) your email to your own computer

Unable to send email while on campus?