A Moodle Book resource allows you to combine multiple pages of content into a single resource. Pages in a book are called chapters, but they can be thought of as pages. Chapters in a book automatically create a table of contents that appears in the top left corner. Books allow for easy printing.

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Navigating within a Book

This section will explain how to navigate within a book that has already been created.

Click on a book icon in the course. It will take you to the table of contents.

The table of contents will appear on the right, and content for the current chapter will appear in the centre pane. A chapter in a Moodle book can be thought of as a page.

In this particular example, the book has three chapters, and chapter 1 has one sub-chapter.

There are two ways to navigate within a book:

  1. Click on the chapter or sub-chapter you wish to navigate to in the table of contents.
  2. Or navigate to the previous or next chapter by clicking the previous or next buttons:

How To Add A Book

1. From the main course page, click the Gear Icon in the top right corner to find the Turn editing on button .

2. With editing turned on, click Add an activity or resource in the section you wish to add your folder. Select Book from the drop-down menu.

3. Type a name into the Name field. This will appear as the activity title. The Description field is optional. Add a description that summarizes the book's content if desired.

4. Once you create the Book, you will be prompted to add a chapter to the book. You can think of chapters as pages in the book, each chapter will automatically appear in the book's table of contents, and users will navigate from chapter to chapter.

Enter a Chapter title.

Enter Content for the chapter.

Click the Save Changes button.

Editing a Book's Contents

From the main course page, click the Gear Icon button in the top right corner to find the Turn editing on button .

Click on the book that you would like to edit.

Editing a chapter

Editing content in a book is different from editing content in other resources and activities within Moodle. To edit the content of a chapter in a Book you will need to click on the cog button next to the chapter or sub-chapter that you wish to edit:

From here you can edit the Chapter title, change the chapter to a sub-chapter, or edit the Content. Click the Save changes button when you're done.

Re-ordering chapters

You may reorder the chapters or sub-chapters in the book by clicking on the up and down arrows to move chapters up or down.

Deleting a chapter

Click the X button next to a chapter to delete it.

Hiding a chapter

Chapters can be hidden or un-hidden by clicking on the eyeball icon.

Adding a chapter

To add a new chapter or sub-chapter click the plus button immediately before where you would like the new chapter to appear.

Enter in the Chapter title and the Content. If the chapter is to be a sub-chapter, click the Subchapter check box. When finished, click the Save changes button. A sub-chapter is displayed indented beneath the current chapter but is otherwise the same as a chapter.

Editing a Book's Setup

The setup of the book allows you to change the book's description and restrict access to the book, among other settings.

To edit the setup of a book, either click on Edit to the right of the Book and then click Edit settings in the menu

OR click on the book and then click the Gear icon then Edit Setting.

Printing a Book

When viewing a book, you can click on the Gear Icon on the right. It will allow you to either print the whole book or print the current chapter in the book.


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