This article will explain what is needed to setup assignment notifications in Moodle. Assignment notifications send out an email, usually to an instructor or program associate, when an assignment has been submitted.

To have an instructor receive email when a student submits an assignment the following criteria need to be met:

Step 1: Set the assignment notifications to Notify graders about submissions.

 1. Click into the assignment. Then, click the gear icon on the top right and select Edit settings:

editing on

2. Scroll down and expand the Notifications section.


3. Change the notifications setting to Notify graders about submissions:

Step 2: Change permissions to allow notifications

The person (usually an instructor) expected to receive the notification must be in a role that has Receive grader submission notifications as an allowed permission. Common roles with this permission enabled are Instructor, Course Instructor, Non-editing instructor, NO-Grade-or-editing instructor, Program Associate, Manager, or CTETAdmin. This article will simply refer to this person as the instructor.

1. Click on Participants in the Navigation drawer. If the navigation drawer is closed, click the hamburger icon to open it:


2. Click on the gear icon in the Participants section and select Permissions:

3. Scroll down to Receive grader submission notifications (towards the middle of the page; press Ctrl+F and type Notifications in the search bar to find it):

From here, ensure that the role has this permission enabled. For example, if your grader is an instructor, make sure that the instructor role is listed in the second-to-right column (Roles with this permission). If it isn't, click the plus sign to add this role.  

Step 3: Add the instructor to teams (If it is a group assignment)

If it is a group assignment, the instructor must be in any groups that they wish to receive notifications about:

seperate groups

If the assignment is set to groupings, the instructor must be in groups that are within the grouping of any students he or she wishes to receive notifications from.


Moodle Notification Preferences

In Moodle a user is able to turn off all assignment notifications if they wish. This will prevent them from receiving assignment notifications in all courses. To do so, from the user menu at the top right select Preferences, select Notification preferences, and then set all Assignment notifications options to Off.


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